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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Target! Bearing 093 degrees!

My latest game offering is Target! Bearing 093 degrees! which is a solitaire submarine game. You control a submarine on a mission to sink enemy shipping. As the captain of this vessel you have to husband your torpedoes, fuel and deck0gun ammunition in order to sink the maximum amount of enemy shipping.

Each turn you have to search for a target, check out what kind of protective escort it has and decide on a method of attack. Each stage is a decision and committing to the wrong sort of target means you might risk being sunk or worse yet, returning home with a trivial tonnage of sunk enemy shipping.

The game is Print and Play, meaning you download a file and print out the game components yourself. It's been deliberately created in black and white with a minimum of expensive ink usage. It plays in about 10-20 minutes and makes a nice filler.

Buy the game online at Wargame Vault