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Friday, 20 July 2012

Shotgun Jousting

Art by P.D. Magnus
Art by P.D. Magnus
In the far-out and dusty wild of America's heartlands two biker gangs meet for their annual drink-athon, things can get busy.

With alcohol fuelling forty ageing toughnut egos the atmosphere is often tense. Sometimes a punch will be thrown. Sometimes the punch actually hit. Sometimes others become involved and sometimes... well, lets leave those times behind a curtain of secrecy.

More often, claims of "I'm stronger than you" may cause more alcohol to be imbibed before arm wrestling starts. Sometimes someone makes a jovial remark about being tougher, braver and generally more manly than someone else, and two beers later people start doing...stupid things.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Brigand's Nest

Brigand's Nest is a 1st Ed. compatible dungeon for a small party of 1st Level characters, and playable in a single session.

The village of Ragentop (population 405) has become the subject of a series of raids by Brigand's who descend from the nearby hills. They have raised a bounty to pay the brave souls who rid them of this menace.

This product is a micro scenario that prints on a single sheet of paper and folds into a little booklet using the "PocketMod" system. It'll fit in your shirt pocket!

Available to buy for only 99c from RPGNow.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

TRENCH Full of Heroes

It's the Great War. Combat roars across the globe, in the air, on and under both the land and the sea. Men are fighting hand to hand, with blades, rifles and machines.

It's amongst these massive armies that a few good men and true rise up to take the lead.  When the line is breached, when the ship is sinking, when the bombers are dropping their loads, is when heroes come to the fore. A man stands up and cheers his fellows on while leading the charge, such a man will be your character in this role playing game.

Trench Full of Heroes is a micro RPG that prints on a single sheet of paper and folds into a little booklet using the "PocketMod" system.

Available from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG for only 99c (about £0.60)

Free scenario posted at RPG-Geek (you may need to join to see the file, joining is free)