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Saturday 2 June 2012

Shikishima Heroes - micro RPG

"Shikishima Heroes" is micro RPG, that allows you to play pulp-style Naval Superheroes.

The battleship Shikishima was commissioned in 1900, but disappeared on its its first sortie with no explanation. A year later the ship reappeared. None of the crew had a memory of the lost year, nor did they know where fully an eighth of the crew had gone! Men from every section were simply missing, with no signs of foul play.
Even as the ship steamed back to port the crew realised they had been changed. Every member found themselves to have gained strange super powers.
When the Japanese people realised how changed the crew were, their joy was turned to fear, and now the Shikishima and its crew are kept at sea.
When anything unusual appears, be it super villains, giant monsters or aliens the Emperor dispatches the Shikishima.
Shikishima Heroes is a micro RPG, it is designed to printed on a single sheet of paper and folded into a little booklet using the "PocketMod" system. 
An audio/written review appears in the Game of Whits podcast/blog.

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