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Saturday, 18 September 2010

100 Call of Cthulhu Characters

Here are 100 characters for you to pick from. You might think that there are a lot of unexpected weapon related skills. I could rationalise that, but I wont. That's for you to do when you create a character background. My players have taken some of these characters and simply shunted unwanted weapon skills onto other hobbies. It's quick and simple to do so. ( e.g. SMG 20% moved to Fishing 20% )

Here's a sample :

Jacob Franko : Body Guard
STR:10 CON:5 DEX:11 SIZ:14 INT:12 POW:6 APP:11 EDU:11 SAN:30
Idea:60 Knowledge:55 Luck:30 Magic Points:6 Hit Points:9 Damage Bonus:+0
Occupation Skills ; Fist:75 Grapple:50 Disguise:6 Hand Gun:45 Spot Hidden:45 Dodge:52 Ride:25 Drive Auto:35
Hobby Skills ; Archaeology:6 Astronomy:6 Bargain:10 Biology:16 Chemistry:6 Craft:10 Credit Rating:20 Electrical Repair:15 Hide:15 Library Use:10 Locksmith:6 Operate Hvy Mch.:6 Own Language:60 Persuade:20 Physics:11 Pilot:6 Psychology:10 Throw:30 Track:15 SMG:20 Italian:6

The rest of the 100 are in a PDF file which I've stored on my One Drive


  1. Great job, Felbrigg. Thanks ;)

  2. Thanks for the pre-gens, really helpful for a quick start campaign.

  3. I've updated the link (which broke, thanks to the skDrive-oneDrive change

  4. Sweet, sweet characters for all my one-shot needs! Awesome job, sir, you should have a medal!