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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stronghold type game playtest kit


I'm a fan of the computer game "Stronghold". Inspired by that game I wanted to create a board game that could capture that games spirit while combining it with the fun social aspects of a board game.

This Kit

This page presents the playtest kit for my first attempt at the game. Let me make this clear, THIS IS NOT A FINISHED GAME. This is a playtest kit. It's for people to take and print out just so they can try out the rules and machanics therein. To this end the rules in the kits are in a draft format and all printable items use a minimum of color, additionally there is no decent artwork only simple line drawings in a representative style.


By placing this file on the internet I hope to encourage people with a similar interest in the game to download, print and try out the game. I have included an email address in the playtest kit file, please let me know what you think of the way the game works ( or doesn't! )

This kit is written into a PDF file which is stored on my Sky Drive

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