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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Music to Role Play to...

If your like me you like a to have music playing in the background while roleplaying. This music should be able to set the mood for your game and at the same time not be so distracting that it impacts on your game play.
When I'm looking for Roleplay music I want "mood", I want "setting", I want "feel".

Some of this music is upbeat some of it dark and moody, some of it hardly music at all as it merges into ambient setting pieces.I listen to a lot of the free and legal music I find on the internet and select tracks that will fit my requirements for roleplaying mood music.

Below is a starting list for you of some particularly good tracks that I've found. Remember I'm only listing music that is both Free and Legal for you to download. The music can be used and copied by you for your private use. Check the web pages linked to for specific useage rules.
I plan to keep adding to this list as I find more tracks and albums, so check in every month or so.

Alba 1 by So Simple

Tension superficial A minimilistic electronic tune combined with beat and noise
Beam A sad minimal tune combined with occasional drum beats
Urgent star (Supernova)An interseting almost rain like melody with a beat, a slow tune.
There are more tracks on this album that I hope to review soon.

Ambient Collective: Dark

Part 1 A mood piece, babeling alien voices, overtures, stalking chords threatening, then a long journey
Part 2 A mood piece, echos. Machine noise in the distance. A voice just out of hearing?
Part 3 A mood piece, whines and mysterious knocks in a deep place, reverberations


After Chernobil A mood piece, not so much music as inspiring and scene setting sound, as creepy as the name suggests.
AnxietyA mood piece, overtures, muffled speaking, piano tinkles, metal rending, excellent creepiness!
Proxima RS8000 A mood piece, deep base piping, a lament or an ode that asks questions, and turns into a heart pumping fear.
Shambels of eternityAn ambient noise experience, waves of tortured metal sounds moving from ear to ear, bird crys, squealing brakes in a tunnel.

Raga Jalfrezi by Zal Krishna

Raga Jalfrezi A great piece for sessions set in foreign lands. A definite indian feel to to it with tune thats way out and engaging all at once.

Fadeout by Sefiros

Re-Entry A great opening theme for a game. has a haunting see saw sound that builds to a rush at the end.
Dougan A beat that hints at breathing with a string melody that haunts the piece.
TitanOpens with a distorted sounds and builds in a beat, it makes a slow dance beat uncomfortable.

Music for Horror Movies by Ann Hell

You're Different and that's Bad A short piece that changes pace and mood, from an average beat track to an aspirational outro. Lyrics
The Survival Guide Hints of an ominous thing to come, and has a sci fi feel to it, a nice rhythm. Radio intercepts.
Crushed and Smashed Upbeat and dark. An unanswered phone and sub vocal lyrics combined with an "alarm" beat makes this track fairly intense.
Never Trust a Scarecrow A laid back, almost swing track that hints at explosions, and says "investigator on the prowl to me. Baby crying and upbeat later segment.
Whispering Walls A fast beat gives you the impression that this might go well with a chase. Occasional lyrics and screams.
The Man who slaughtered Baby J An almost upbeat track yet still dark, but with a hint of the B52's. Contains low audio level lyrics and a chainsaw.
Nightmare of Assymetry This is a fairly light, possibly humourus theme for a stalker.

1896 by Ann Hell

The Stars Inside A gothic feel with a rather nice rain effect.

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