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Saturday, 18 September 2010

WWII Ship Wargame Rules

A while ago during a boring time I thought up the idea of making wargame models out of some spare wood I had lying around.  The image on the left was the first I made.  made from 3/4" planking, some dowel and of course glue is a model of HMS Hood, a two foot long model.

Having made a model or two I switched into wargamer mode and started looking around for a set of rules suitable for playing with these big models on the back lawn.  I didn't find any, so ended up writing my own set.  In these rules the big guns can reach up to 20 feet!

Although I could manage the rules the statistics of the various ships was way beyond my research capabilities!  That was soon solved by Rich Satore who kindly allowed me to "rip off" his ship stats from his rules set Sea Krieg. The Sea Krieg rules are for table top play and are quite excellent.

However for my rules, I've put them into a PDF and stored them on my Sky Drive. Thanks Microsoft.

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