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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tars Tarkas of Mars - Gamebook

Swashbuckling Adventure on Mars!

Before John Carter ever got to Mars there was another hero, another man destined for greatness on the red soil of that planet.

Tars Tarkas the green martian who with sword, dagger and radium rifle fought his way from the very cradle to manhood, rising to become the leader of his tribe.

In this exciting adventure book, you get to play the part of Tars Tarkas with your every choice deciding his fate.

Will he defeat his enemies?
Will he overcome his obstacles?
Will he find John Carter?
Only you can decide!

This is a full length game book with over 400 entries, it contains lots of challenges and combats.  It's available in the following locations and formats...

Kindle : ePUB : Hardcopy

Alas due to an unexpected trademark on the name of "Tars Tarkas", this book has now been withdrawn for re-branding. It will remain set on Barsoom amongst the Tharks, but will have a new hero. Check back soon. :)