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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Lair of the Orc Shaman

In the wilds an Orc with great mystical power has drawn to him a retinue of loyal Orc minions and established a stronghold. The Orcs have been carrying out kidnap-raids against the nearby villages and hamlets. The young, old and weak have been carried off to the cave, and never seen again.

Featuring a dungeon map by Matt Jackson, "The Lair of the Orc Shaman" is a micro adventure for 1st Ed. gamers, and is suitable for a party of 5-7 first level adventurers.

This zip package contains:

The adventure in standard PDF format.
The adventure in PocketMod formatted PDF (Letter and A4), suitable for folding into a tiny booklet to slip in your pocket. This adventure was designed for the PocketMod format.
The adventure in ePUB format, suitable for most eReaders.
The adventure in mobi format, suitable for Kindle readers.
The dungeon map in plain Black and White and in Moleskin-look, with and without room numbers.

Available for only 99c from DriveThruRPG

The Battle of Kaylen

The Battle of Kaylen is a micro scenario designed for the "EDGE of SPACE" role playing game.

Kaylen is a planet in trouble. The bugs have arrived. The colony is fighting for it's life.

"Grab your M41a, snap in a fresh mag', and rack them grenades soldier!"

"The Battle of Kaylen" is available for free from DriveThruRPG

In this package you get a standard PDF, PocketMod PDF, and ePUB.