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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Defend the Block

"Aint no alien muvver goin to invade ma block. I gona kill it! Back me boys." A micro RPG set in a north London residential block during an alien invasion. This liitle game is designed to be printed and folded into a little booklet (called a PocketMod) that fits in your top pocket. You can purchase the PDF version of the game, which comes with screen and print versions of thegame from RPGNow.com or get the ePUB from LuLu.com (and soon to be on Kindle).

And now in Polish!  If you'd like to get a Polish version of this game you can. Defend the Block(Obcy Na Dzielni).  Huge thanks to Rudolf for doing such a great sensitive job on the translation.  he's looking for more work, so if you fancy breaking into the Polish market yourself get in touch with him, you can contact him on RPGGeek.