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Friday, 29 June 2012

One Page Dungeon 2012

This year I entered the annual One Page Dungeon competition, alas for me I did not win. However I am proud of what I came up with.

At the time of the competition I was reading a book by Matthew Reilly, and this book was jam-packed with exciting non-stop action.  Think Indiana Jones, set to eleven.  Inspired by this book, I wanted to create a similar feel for my dungeon, and so started by drawing a trap laden map.  Then I started think about how you could overcome those traps in AD&D (1st Ed) but just couldn't see it working or being exciting. For instance if you failed the first trap, you would never get to see the later traps!

In the end I came up with not only a dungeon, but a Micro RPG that would allow you to play the game and reach most if not all of the traps even if you rolled very badly.  That was what I submitted to the competition.

The comp' is over, so now I can post the dungeon here on my own site.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Acrobats vs Mobsters

In 2010 the FBI had found itself penetrated by criminal organizations with more money than most governments. The result was an FBI unable to cope with the mob. By presidential order the FBI secretly established the "Black Squads", secret independent groups of undercover cops who only took orders from the top FBI officials.

One such squad was the "Calloni Troupe". Travelling the country as an acrobatic circus troupe, these third generation Italians are the most dedicated, close-knit, group of anti-corruption, anti-organised-crime operatives. Performing for crowds in the evenings, and fighting crime by day.

Acrobats vs Mobsters is a micro RPG that prints on a single sheet of paper and folds into a little booklet using the "PocketMod" system.

Available for only $0.99 (about £0.60) from RPGNow.com

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Shikishima Heroes - micro RPG

"Shikishima Heroes" is micro RPG, that allows you to play pulp-style Naval Superheroes.

The battleship Shikishima was commissioned in 1900, but disappeared on its its first sortie with no explanation. A year later the ship reappeared. None of the crew had a memory of the lost year, nor did they know where fully an eighth of the crew had gone! Men from every section were simply missing, with no signs of foul play.
Even as the ship steamed back to port the crew realised they had been changed. Every member found themselves to have gained strange super powers.
When the Japanese people realised how changed the crew were, their joy was turned to fear, and now the Shikishima and its crew are kept at sea.
When anything unusual appears, be it super villains, giant monsters or aliens the Emperor dispatches the Shikishima.
Shikishima Heroes is a micro RPG, it is designed to printed on a single sheet of paper and folded into a little booklet using the "PocketMod" system. 
An audio/written review appears in the Game of Whits podcast/blog.