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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mecha Mice

On the island of Searbay mousekind has reached levels of technology undreamed of, but the thousand enemies that have always existed and always will are still just beyond the wall. With the invention of the Mecha Suit mousedom has a chance to survive, and the tools to hold back the darkness of dissolution and barbarism.

Join the Corp, become the Paw.

Mecha Mice is a story telling game of heroic mice armed with the latest technology fighting a thousand enemies a thousand times larger than themselves. The game is only 8 pages long and provided in standard PDF form and in "PocketMod" PDF. You can print the PDF version on a single sheet of paper and fold it into a pocket size booklet.

Available for only $1.50 at DriveThruRPG 

I've collected a few supporting articles on the Mecha Mice blog.

A Judge Dredd scenario - Paint the Town Yellow

Here's another one-shot scenario I've whipped up for using FATE Core in the Judge Dredd universe. I've play tested it with three Judges and thing went very well (we only played for about 2 1/2 hours could have done with a full 3).

In this scenario a evil electrical genius with a grudge against the Judges, baits them and draws them into his underground palace of death traps. Judges will have to do some investigation and fight a series of gang bangers, all while being distracted by random street crimes.

Download the scenario, and let me know how your play through goes. :)

Here's a session report.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

A DUNE scenario - Revenge Tastes like Dust

DUNE is such a classic setting and it really hasn't been done justice in the world of RPGs, so when I decided I wanted to play a game down in the sand, it was a case of making my own...sort of. I used the FATE core rules to run a very enjoyable one-shot and the link below takes you to the scenario I played. This is a blood and water scenario, not a high brow political adventure. Sharpen your knives, and go liberate some water!

Revenge Tastes like Dust scenario

...and here's a link the char-gen instructions.