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Friday, 10 April 2020

Medico Service - a Cepheus Engine campaign primer

Medico Service is campaign primer for Cepheus Engine (and other 2D6 based science fiction systems). This book is designed to give the referee guidance on playing a new kind of campaign. With this primer you'll be inspired to start a campaign where the players are not out for themselves, but instead cruising the space lanes with the aim of maintaining the health and wellbeing of the Empire.

Included is a new career path that enrols the PCs in the Medico Service. The service is an arm of the galaxy-spanning Empire that focuses on combating the evils that befall man, including but not limited to raging epidemics, erupting volcanoes, and dictators enslaving populations.

Inspired by various novels from the golden age of science fiction you'll be able to put your players into a new type of game.

Included in this package is the novel “This World is Taboo” by Murray Leinster. which was the initial inspiration for starting this primer.

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